Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What home means to me

When I’m home I feel safe because nobody can get into my home unless we say they can. I can be myself when I’m home, nobody is gonna judge me because I’m with my family, Nobody in my family should judge me.
When i’m home i have fun with my family. We play with each other and we watch movies and hockey games together having lots and lots of fun all together. I play hockey out in the driveway having even more fun, Getting better at hockey at the same time.
The thing i love the most about my home is my dogs. When I’m sad or mad they are there for me to pet so I can calm down. They make me happy because they are goofy, Crazy, Loving, and cute.
Also when I’m at home I love to eat. I’m super thankful for my food. My parents are the best. They make food every day for me. It puts a big smile on my face because they enjoy making food for me.
Lastly I love that in my home everybody is their self. Which is being extremely funny and it makes me laugh really hard. Especially my brother with down syndrome he is super funny and he doesn’t even try to be. That is what home feels like to me.