Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Did you know that 3.5 million people become homeless each year? These people have no shelter, one pair of clothes, no food and clean water and no one to show them love.

Approximately 2.5 million kids are homeless. These kids are fighting to stay healthy and other countries are sending in food, water and clothes, but no one is sending them a home. No one is sending them a family. This is not what home is supposed to look like. It’s so sad to think about kids that are saying “oh! I want what she has” or “I’m not lucky!” because we are more than ever lucky, we have more than enough. Those kids and adults are suffering out there in the world and say “wow! a new pair of shoes! I am so lucky!” Home is a place where you can feel comforted and safe and away from poverty. To me home feels like a cloud that I can just sit on without falling through because I know I’m safe and loved around my family. At home I can do anything I want, and no one will comment if I am doing that thing wrong because I am at home. At home I feel free because if I have a bad day at school, I can just run up the stairs and go to my room because I am at hoe. I feel sorry for those kids on the side of the road and they have no family, they are suffering and they have no one to look up to. Kids don’t know how lucky they are when they have the privilege to go to school and free healthcare while others don’t. You can do a good deed by donating old clothes and give them to the homeless or go and buy food and give it to them. Even doing a small deed by giving them a few dollars. So here’s a question… What does home mean to you?