Grade 4

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home means a lot to me, it brings warmth, safeness, comfiness, happyness, and many other things. My house, (where I live with my family) is very important to me as well, but keep in mind, “home” is not similar to “house”. My brother, mom, dad, grandma, grandfather mean so much to me, they are a part of my home. They help me make the right choices, they make me happy, they teach me many amazing things. I will never be able to thank them enough. At my school, my teachers teach me even more! My classmates teach me how to be kind, and make me learn from my past mistakes. All of these people are my friends and family. If we go even farther from that, we reach Canada. Canada’s community is amazing, that’s why I include them in my “home”. People around the world say Canada’s people are very nice, and I agree! All of us are very nice.

Home. Oh my home. Amazing as you can see, but Canada only fills in half of my home. India fills in the other half. My aunts and my uncles live there, so does my grandfather. I miss them so much, I wish I could visit them every day.

All of these people are in my home.
These people are also in my heart too.
Thank you for reading.