Grade 4


What home means to me

Home means shelter pets and family.

Home means pets because I can’t have them anywhere else.

Home means family because they are always there to help.

Home means shelter because my home can shield me from rain.

Home means safety because the doors are all locked and my family can protect me.

Home means comfort because when I’m at home I sit on the couch and feel comforted.

Home means visitors because they can’t see us anywhere else than home

Home means food because I can eat from the fridge and without my house I won’t be able to eat food.

Home means toys because I most likely won’t lose them at home and at school I’m not allowed to bring any toys.

Home means happiness because I can’t be as happy as I am anywhere else.

Home means video games because there are no computers anywhere else!

Home means art because I’m free to draw at my home.

Home means homework because homework is something for home!

This is what home means to me, pets, family, shelter, safety, comfort, food, toys, happiness, video games, art, homework and visitors!