Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

The meaning of home to me is a fun and relaxing place. It is where I can do or be whatever I want. I love when I am watching tv with my family. The shows seem so much better when we watch them together. I also love to play games with my sister. That is, of course, when she finally says yes. The last thing that makes me so happy is when we bake together. Sometimes baking is even more fun than eating the goods!

Home is a place where you can have fun and be happy. Sometimes the little things are what count. For example when you drop something and one of your family members picks it up for you or when you are getting a package delivered to your home and your family member is there to answer the door. My home is one of the most important things to me and I hope everyone is able to experience what I do. Home should always be safe and I would never give it up for the world.