Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Home has multiple meanings. Home is a place you should feel welcome. Living in a home should make you feel safe. People with a home have a unique, different home than anyone else. A home is somewhere which is yours. Being home should make you feel anything you want. Thinking of home reminds me of all the good and bad memories.
When I’m home I act like myself. Home is somewhere you are familiar with. Home is where you experience odd things. Home is a place where you make memories. The definition of home will be different each time. No one has a common home. You may think your home is normal but there is at least one thing that makes it unique. Your home can be big, small or any size, you just have a feeling that you know that your living space is a home. You get that feeling.

Everyone deserves to be able to have a home and go through everything that I’ve gone through. Everyone deserves a place to be themselves. No one should be living in a place where they don’t feel safe. You should be able to do anything in your home. It’s extremely sad to hear that so many people are not living in a place they can’t call home. We can join charities and help out. It’s a very nice thing that fundraisers are making people have a place they can call home.