Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me

A house with a secret hole, a shed with a mouse problem and a basement that floods. That is where my story begins, my story takes place about two years ago and I just moved into my stepfather’s new apartment. Everything seemed to be regular, for a while until many issues began piling up on my family. At first my parents noticed how dull and gross our paint was. After that however we noticed a hole in one of our bedrooms which allowed for a draft and even snow to make its way into our apartment. Then came the mice in our shed. Not to contribute the fact our sewer kept clogging, causing my bedroom to continuously flood. At that point with everything adding up my parents had enough, so, they sought out a better place to live [which we were very lucky to be able to afford at the time]. Then we bought and moved into a very nice duplex where we were able to truly enjoy ourselves. Worrying about the stress of my room flooding, or hearing mice squeak was a thing of the past. So in conclusion what home truly is for me is a place that you don’t have to worry about how safe you are or if you will be warm enough. Home to me is a place where you are loved and care free to do what you want – to explain it with ease – [trust me I could speak for days]. Now enjoy this little poem of my homes old and new

Peeling paint

beginning to go faint.

Sleepless hours

feeling like a coward.

Sub-zero nights

Your stomach tight,

but then came something bright

A new house with no more fright

a place of very little fight

Good night!