Bailey Jane

Grade 4

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means To Me

Home means so much to me! Home means family, safety, home-cooked meals and more! When I am at home and I am with family, I know that they are there for me and my sister. You don’t know what my parents do for us! At home I feel very lucky to eat a home-cooked meal. When I have home-cooked meals, I think of the love, care, and thought that was put into the meals I eat. I know it is hard for them, but they can get through it, and I know it! My favourite home-cooked meals are turkey and chicken dinner! I am so proud to be in this contest because I know someone is going to get a home. If someone was homeless and had no food or water, I would buy them what they need, give them money, and let them stay with me at my house. At home you can have many fun days with your family. Inside, outside, or anywhere in your house. My idea of a fun day at home is…
Game nights! Movie nights! One thing I didn’t mention was that I have two homes! One with my mom and one with my dad and step-mom. I love having two homes! It means I have people to love, cuddle, and care for. Home is such a safe place. When you have people who care for you, that means you have people who love you. Everyone has people who loves them, even if they don’t know it! There are a couple more things I want to talk about. Home-cooked meals, I want to say what it feels like cuddling up on the couch and chilling out!! I love game nights because we can get competitive, and I find that really fun! I also love movie nights, because I can stay up late with my family, and because we can joke around about parts of the movie. That is what home means to me!