Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

what home means to me

Home is where you can be you . Home to me is comfort , love and safety. Some people do not have a home . It is really sad . I wish everyone could have a home like me .
Comfort is very important to have in your home . My home is comfortable because my basement is my comfort area . It has all
My favorite things . Also my room has a cozy bed and teddy bears .
My home is the most comfortable place I know .
Love is so valuable . Love is your mom/dad cooking for you . Love is your mom/dad reading to you . Love is cuddling with your family watching a movie . I feel like everybody should be loved .
Safety is if a storm is coming you can cuddle up . I feel safe at my home because there are walls and a ceiling above . I sleep peacefully at night in my safe home .
I wish everybody could have a home like me . I am so grateful for my home . These are the things that happen in my home .