Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me

A home is a special place

Filled with love and embrace

With lots of memories to keep forever

Including a warm-hearted family all together

What home means to me is, a place where your loved ones who care about you and support you are. A place that you feel welcomed and noticed. A home is peaceful…no yelling…no fighting… just love to every surrounding person or object. Homes have courage and empathy towards every little thing. In a home, you can have family dinners together and talk about your day, share moments and discuss your problems. Just remember, when you’re older, how great they are.

Homes are where you can be yourself, where your real personality shines through. A home is somewhere you feel safe. You can express your emotions, so you don’t have to keep them in. Something amazing about a home is that if you express your emotions you can do it in a comforting way so, you don’t have to feel afraid you’re going to get made fun of. You can be creative, passionate and have inspiration towards something and your family won’t judge you. A home is a secure place where nothing will hurt you. You can smile your brightest, laugh your loudest, be your absolute weirdest and so many other things because in a home you’re loved for you! Being in a home is a sense of relief, knowing not even your family will attempt to do you harm. You’re safe. What a home means to me is being able to have confidence in yourself and to be surrounded by your loved ones.

A home may seem small

But with love it has it all