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What Home Means to Me

What’s a house?

What’s a home?

Well, I can tell you they aren’t the same

A house is you where you live

But a home is where you feel safe

For example, in my home I hear my siblings calming words,

I can feel my dogs licking me,

I can smell my parents cooking delicious food

I can taste the water I drink when I play outside with my siblings

In my second home, I can hear my cousins giggling

I can smell the delicious Greek food my Grandparents are cooking

I can see my cousins talking to my siblings joyfully

I can taste a certain smell when I’m there

I can taste a certain taste

I feel a certain way when I’m at both places

A feeling of home,

A feeling of love

I feel safe when I’m at home

My homes make me happy

Whenever I’m there I feel safe

I feel loved

H.O.M.E isn’t just a word

Each letter stands for something special

H. stands for Happiness

O. stands for Outstanding people

M. stands for Memories

E. stands for excitement

I love my H.O.M.E