Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

A home is not a building or a house

A home is what fills it with all the love and joy

A home is a place where you can play with toys

Homes are places where you get loved and supported

My home is not my house

My home is my family and friends

It’s the fun we have fooling around with each other

Its where I got my first baby brother

When I think of home I think of a cozy and comfortable place.

A place where you can be yourself and have lots of fun.

When I enter my home, I feel a sudden rush of safety and reassurance.

Then I hear the noise of little paws walking through my home

I smell my mom’s perfume and my dad’s cologne

The smell rushes through me and I fall

I fall into my sister’s arms she has her own original that I can’t explain

I hear my seven other siblings and decide to join their circle of joy and kindness. The light that shines from them is so bright and warm.

I feel my bed covers tucking me in

It feels like a stream of warmth from within

My space for things that are my own

People can’t come in my zone

If they want to, they ask

But when I say yes, they put on a mask

We are writing about our homes to help people get a house to have a better place for their home. when we submit this poem, I’m donating $10 and I’m proud of that and I’m excited to help. Bye! 🙂