Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is a wonderful place that’s everywhere. From the
forest to a house, home is every where. It’s in the
air. The criteria for a house are very simple. You
live there but that’s too straightforward. There
must be a more complex definition. A yes, I
have found it. A home is somewhere that you
have lived for a long time. That’s much better.
Now its time for my opinion on home. Home
should be comforting in lots of ways like having
family or a community. There’s also comforting
in way of having a safe space. An example
would be a room, a group of people or just a
friend. A safe place can be a person that you are
comfortable talking to or being around. The
last thing that I think is related to home is
making other people feel like they are home. It’s
super important to make other people feel like
they are home because if you don’t they will feel
lonely and isolated from the world. They might
stop doing social things. They’ll feel bad and
empty and that’s not good. All YOU have to do is
say hi or what’s up and they know they have
purpose because you said hi. That’s all my
opinions on home.