Grade 5


What home means to me

Opening the door of my new home.
Looks so simple but so much more.
My home might not have the best qualities.
It doesn’t matter just as long as I am with my family.
Playing board games.
Is helping me bond with my siblings
Even though we don’t get along.
We always stick together through right or wrong.

Opening the door from the winter snow.
I’m always cold.
But sometimes when I’m cozy.
It’s because my family is with me during the day.

I am happy to have a place to stay.
Where my family can love me in every single way.
It doesn’t matter the race.
Just as long as you feel safe.
Your home is where you have grown.
But you never outgrow,
your beautiful home.

People who don’t have homes.
People who dont have clothes.
I wish them the best.
In life and in the rest.
It’s like a bird with no nest.
No place to rest.
I was inspired to do this.
Because of Habitat of Humanity and because of my family.