Grade 6

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

What home means to me!

What home means to me
What home means to me. Love, I say love because you can give and receive love, whether you have foster family or adopted family that adopted you, you are always loved.It’s where you watch movies together or play with your little sister, little brother or dog. Home also means laughter to me. Like when your watching movies and laughing together, or watching funny videos together. Another one together.Just being together makes you happy. Playing board games together, camping together. I know I talking about family a lot because home is where your family is and you do lots of stuff together at your house.

At my house my favorite time is when we sit down to eat supper. It’s because we are all sitting down with each other and eating food. We get to talk to each other laugh and the most important love each other. Because I’m at school, my dad is at work, my mom takes care of my little sister. Then when we are at the supper table we get to sit, eat and talk. Home makes me happy just thinking of it.It’s where you open presents on Christmas. Or go Easter egg hunting on Easter. Or playing outside on the swings at your house.When you talk about your home it gives you a smile because you’re talking about your home.

Home is where you find family, love, laughter and the best part being together that’s what home means to me. So thank you habitat for humanity for giving people a home and roof over their head. You make people feel safe and that is amazing. Again thank you habitat for humanity for everything you do.