Grade 6

Grande Prairie

What Home Means To Me

When you reach home what do you say? I greet my parents,some say home sweet home,some say it’s good to be home and some say home is where the heart is. But what about those who don’t have a home they may never have or will experience the warmth and love inside a home. In my opinion home is anywhere or anyplace that is full of Laughter,Honesty,Joy,Love,Family, Happiness, Safety and many more of those kinds of positive emotions.

Home is an exclusive building where you should always feel free to be yourself. Home is an extravagant vicinity full of memories, some lively and some mournful. Home is where there are many memories to come. At home I love my sister even when she can be annoying. Home is where I have Movie Night on Fridays. Home is where I play games with my family. Home is the place where I love being in my family’s presence. When I’m older I’ll have a new home and in that new home will flourish many new dreams, memories, hopes and opportunities. Now that is what home means to me.

What about those who do not have a shelter to live, those living in the cold, those are the people all alone on holidays. They do not experience the feelings we do anytime when we are all happy, they are sad and getting ignored, they are the one’s getting shut down. We are the one’s letting them freeze. We don’t even bother giving them food, but why? I hope you will let me conclude that, that is the reason us Canadian children are entering this contest hosted by Habitats For Humanities. To make a difference even if it means helping one house at a time.