Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me !!!

A lot of people here in Canada and all around the world don’t have a home like many people do. Some have a kardeborde to sleep in, but others don’t have anything, not even somewhere to stay. Since a long, long time ago people started to go homeless and this year people that do have homes, are doing their very best to help homeless people. As most people know, homeless people don’t have a comfortable bed to sleep in like you probably have, homeless people also don’t have a nice whorme house like other people do, homeless person’s have a bag to stay warm and some don’t have delicious food. Some people are thrown out of their house or they go away because they think their life is to tufe.

One of the reasons I like my home is the love that my parents give me, also the delicious food I eat, the wormenis I get, I feel conftederbile and I feel safe. In my home I also recorded a lot of beautiful moments like when I said my first baby words or my first cute baby steps and many, many other beautiful and special moments.
I think I’m very lucky to have a loving home like the one I have. For those kids that don’t have a family, it’s tough for them to go home and there is now one there to say “how was school” or things that a parent would say. It is very hard to be in that person’s shoes. I feel very very sad because for those people that are rich are mean to people that are homeless because they are just a show off and obviously they are going to feel very very bad (the homeless person). I think home is a place where you can feel good, safe, comfortable, and many many things that homeless people can’t feel or have but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to be happy like you are.
Whenever I feel bad my family is there to help me or to cheer me up. I sometimes get mad with my mom, dad or younger sister but they have always been with me in the good and bad moments of my life. A few months ago, my dog faded. I was very sad but my mom joyed me with a mom and daughter day, not really but we spended time together. And I really wish that homeless people can feel the same love that I feel.

Many people don’t have a very beautiful home and family and ohsome moments like I do but im sure that one day they will feel the same way and probably better … .