Grade 4

Victoria, bc
British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me
By: Lucy

My home means everything to me. My home has built me up like a finally finished tower. It has made me confident in every way, and holds all of my emotions and memories. My home makes me feel calm and safe. When I come home from school or an errand I always feel a different type of relief, sometimes happy, sometimes sad it always depends on my emotions. My personality is like an unfinished puzzle and every time I get home it seems to be finished.

I’m grateful for every little bit of decor and moment I have in my house. Whenever I’m sad I look above at the pictures of my family on our living room wall. I feel like I belong in every moment my family holds in their heart. My home expresses myself in a very special way. When I get home I empty the dishwasher and walk my dog, I always feel like I’ve helped out a lot.

Whenever I’m at home I smell fresh fruits laying in my antique bowl with the sun shining all over them. The sun reflects into our family’s home and warms our hearts. At night time, when the moon shines in my bedroom, it hushes me to sleep in a soothing and glimmering way.

This is why my home is so important to me.