Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What Home Means To Me

Did you know that over 200,000 Canadians are homeless each year, and I am extremely glad I am fortunate enough to have a great house to live in. To me home means my legendary loving family, a comfortable room to sleep in and great food to eat.
The first reason home is important to me is because my family stays every night at my house with me. My family is outstandingly mega-awesome, we do a lot of incredible things together like skiing, swimming and we go to do lots of things in the city like watch great cinema movies, we go see my uncle and a lot more. I have a loving mother and father. I also have such an awesome younger brother. I don ́t know what I would do if I lost them. They are my family and they are outstandingly legendary.
The second reason home is important to me is because of my great room. I am very glad I have a great room that I can stay in. My room has many more cool things like a TV and my Xbox. I spend a lot of time on my Xbox but I also spend a lot of time doing awesome things with my legendary family as well. My great room makes me feel incredibly cozy, safe when I sleep at night and it is great to have my own room in the house.
The third and concluding reason I have a super tremendous home that I have a lot of great food that I eat every single day and night we are there. My parents can both make some super awesome food that I eat whenever we are eating at home. My mom and dad both have their own specialties when it comes to cooking delicious food. My dad makes awesome tacos, delicious pork ribs, juicy flavorful chicken, and so many kinds of delicious cooked potatoes. My mom makes delicious pasta, supreme soups, juicy cooked pork, and incredibly delicious salmon she also makes a lot more delicious food, like delicious breakfasts, there’s so much more that I can’t say it all in one sentence or even one paragraph. My parent’s food is super great and I feel incredibly sorry for the people who live incredibly close to where we live and can’t afford it like some me and you can.
In my mind home means my outstanding loving family, a comfortable room to sleep in, and eating some of the most delicious food ever that I eat is made from my outstanding parents, at my outstandingly great house. Now I am wondering what does home mean to you? Is it an outstanding loving family? scrumptious home-cooked food? A cozy, warm, safe, comfortable room or is it something different?