Grade 5


What home means to me

Home doesn’t have to be fancy or have a lot of space, what matters is that you feel safe,
even if you’re a different race.
When you’re cold your cheeks will become rosy, then if you go inside your home you’ll become cozy,
because you’re hanging with your family, I know families can be a little nosey but they’re all you’ve got because they’re your family.

Family keeps you safe and warm, even if you’re in a storm. Families stick with you through good and bad even if you’re feeling sad.
Family brings you together.
You see it doesn’t matter about the house you live in, what matters is that who you share the house with.
My family, friends, teacher, and habitat for humanity has inspired me to write about what home means to me, and what home really means to me is sharing a house with my loved ones.
That is what home means to me.
I love my family very much and if my actions did something to hurt them, I would never forgive myself.
Even just a little bit.
Family means more to me than anything else in the world. So I guess you can say wherever my family is, is my home.
Home is the best place to be or atleast to me.