Grade 5


What home means to me

My home is a place where I stay,
a place where I play,
and a place where I sleep everyday.
It’s a place for me and for my whole entire family.
Everybody should have a home.
No matter the face,no matter the race.
A home is a home.
No matter how big,small or tall it is.

Habitat for Humanity.
Everybody can get a home.
Only if we work as one big family.
To me a home means a place to stay and play.
A household keeps you away from the chilly cold.
The idea of giving a home is pretty bold.

A home is not just a building that has a roof over your head.
It’s a place that you share with family and friends.
The homeless will get a home,there will be no poverty.
Everybody will eventually get their own property.