Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to me.

Nevaeh Feb 4, 2021

What home means to me

Home is a wonderful place for comfort, safety and love. It is also a place for fun, relaxation and a place to be together. My house makes me glad and joyful. I am very thankful that my house helps me feel warm and secure at night.

I love to run, play and explore energetically in my beautiful yard. I like that my gorgeous farm allows me to have all my pets in one place. I enjoy being able to ride my horses at home, it brings me great joy and happiness.

I am very grateful that I cannot hear cars driving down the road while I am asleep. My home is not the biggest or the smallest, but I am still happy with it. When I imagine not having a home, I feel sad, and when I think about people that do not have homes, I feel even sadder.

I have volunteered at my local Habitat for Humanity with my class. I have even attended a Key Ceremony where I have witnessed families receive their home. Everyone has the right to have a home to love and to live in. Everybody deserves a place to call home.

I love my home! I always have and I always will!