Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

What Home Means to Me

What home means to me.

My home is warm and cozy like a blanket wrapped around me. In my blanket-like home all my worries slowly disappear as if I’m drifting off to sleep. All the pressure is lifted off my shoulders and all the butterflies flutter out of my stomach. That’s what home means to me.

My home is safe, and not just from scary thoughts in my head, but also from all the negativity roaming around it. As long as I’m in my home I am able to express my true self without feeling like I’m locked in a cage of judgement. That’s what home means to me.

H-O-M-E spells home. H is for the happiness that fills up your home. O is for the optimistic memories that fly around your home to remind you of how grateful you are to have one. M is for the magical feeling that rushes through your body as soon as you step inside the doorway of your beautiful home. E is for the empathy that you feel with all the people around the world without a safe home. That’s what home means to me.

My home is my happy place, a judgement free zone full of joy. My home is somewhere my voice will always be heard and never be blacked out, for in my home I am confident in who I am and who I want to become without feeling the need to hide it. That’s what home means to me.

Home is my favourite. I hope it’s yours, too. Now tell me what home means to you. Is it different than mine? Less safe or too cold? Is it filled with fun memories? Do you feel the same empathy? Do you share the same thoughts? When you think of home do you have a good feeling? Or do you feel afraid? Well I don’t, but unfortunately some people do. So we need to help the people without a home.