Grade 6

British Columbia

what home means to me

Cash Couves
Grade 6
North Glenmore elementary
Kelowna B.C.

What home means to me
Home is a shell, and my family is the crab. The shell is our shelter from those who wish us harm pain and despair. The shell shall keep us in warmth as it rains a sad cool gloomy day. but as the crab gross bigger it must find a larger shell. I look upon my old house as I look upon the place, I first walked were I first talked and were I first cried and first laughed, and I must leave it all behind. For a new shell but some crabs never find a shell. Many crabs become homeless and cannot get a house. And watch their family slowly get sick and pass away. But due to a organization that takes donations and uses them to Bild houses. For family’s and people so they wave a safe place to dwell. And live life thank you.