Grade 4

Powell River
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is where I live with my mum, dad and brother.
At home I feel like I can be whoever I want to be.

When I open my door, I don’t just smell the smell of cooking,
I smell the smell of love, happiness, and joy.

I hear a soft sound.
It is raining on the roof.
I listen at home.

When I wake up, I hear the rain pound down on my roof.
I cuddle my teddy bear tight.

My home is a shelter, in a storm. A place where I am nice and warm.

My home is cozy. My home is sweet. My home is a really nice treat.

We want to help all those people in need. We want to help.
We do indeed.
So let’s help them.
Help them out. Let’s go help them with no doubt.

Everyone should have a home. Some place to call your own.
A place that’s cozy, snug and warm.
A place you love.

At home I help. I try to do whatever I can.

Home is a safe place.
A place I love and care for.
We all love are home!

We should all have a home.