Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

I was asked to write what home means to me, not what does a “house” mean to
me. A house to me would mean a shelter, a place where you don’t have to worry about
storms or blizzards. But no, to me home means something different.

To me home is a place to look forward to. Homes are surrounded and filled with love.
Home is a place where my family is, and where I am everyday. When I go to other houses I want to live in those houses because they are either bigger or fancier. However, doing this project has made me realize that it does not matter if my house is small and simple. I don’t think of “home” as a house, but instead I think of it as a place where people make their families. Home is a gift. It is a place with people you love, a place with people who love you on your good days and your bad days. In a home, there are people you have a strong relationship with. You are familiar with your home. Home is a place you know is safe, and when you know you are in a safe place you are more likely to be:
H appy
O ptimistic
M erry
E lated

Home can also be where your belongings are. But generally, home is a place where you spend your time loving each other, growing up together, and living together in love, hope, peace, joy, and even sorrows. Homes can be built upon family. Home is where your family is. It is where you work together, have fun together, and dream together. Home is where the heart is.