Grade 6

Nova Scotia

What home means to me.

Home is a place where I can go to live and to grow.

It’s here where we spend our time with each other. We need to cherish these precious moments because moments turn to memories and those will become lost.

Home is like getting the most comforting hug in the world.
I feel happiness, warmth and that mysterious feeling of being free to do as I please.
I feel safe.

At home you can always start over and you can be accepted for who you are.

But in the world there are so many struggling and not having the opportunity to get the money to buy a house that they deserve.

But habitat for humanity is going to change that all.

They’ll give happiness and kindness in exchange for a meaningful message that will help the world see you just need a push to get back on your feet.

It gives me hope that everyone around the world will be safe and protected in times like this.
I feel everyone should have a place in the world they call home.