Grade 5

British Columbia

What home means to me

Home is life. But some are different from
others.Houses are not always the same
There are some homes that are modern,
Cozy, aesthetic and some are even

There aren’t just humans that have homes.
There are also animals that have homes
For example, forest,caves, and even
Some animal habitats can be garbage.

There is also an other place that can
be a home, a school. Yes some children
say school is so boring but not for

School is where you make friends, where
you learn how to read and write where
you learned how to be intelligent.
My parents say that school is important
And it is true.

But sadly not everyone has a home.
Sometimes I see some people
that are homeless and are asking for
food. I always feel very sad for them.
If only there were free houses. For
all of those people that is why it
Is important to have a home.