Grade 6

Elkford BC
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is a place of love.

Love is all around just like mating doves.

Home is a place to grow.

It is a place to shoot an imaginary accomplishment bow.

Home is a place to think.

A place to enjoy memories like a tasty drink.

Home is a place of support.

The people there, are always there, to cheer you on, even when you fall short.

Home is place of comfort.

The people in that home, are always there for you, when life leaves you sunburnt.

Home is not a house, castle or apartment.

You can find the word “home” in the family department.

Home is not a place.

It is the people within.

When life gives you a kick in the shin,

your family is there.

When your sad or angry, they come to you and say, “we super, super care”.

They want to make you happy; you just have to let them.

You are their special gem.

Just remember they are not there to condemn.

That is what home means to me.

So next time you grumble or groan about having to leave your “home”,

remember that “home” is not just a house, it is the people that act like a protective dome