Grade 4

Portage la Prairie

What Home Means to Me

To me, home is where my family is. Mommy, Daddy, brother, and my dog. We play games together such as: wii sports, wii resort, Family Game Night 3, board games, dog games, tag, hide & seek with Malleea, and other stuff. I love my family. We do lots of fun stuff.

Home is where1 my puppy comes to greet me at the door after school, piano, guitar, swimming lessons, and other places. I love to pet her because she gives me the eyes, and I love her fur because it is really fluffy. That’s one of the reasons why I call the house “THE DOG FUR DISASTER 8400!”

When I snuggle in bed, in my home, I love to snuggle with stuffies. They are fluffy, funny, and I love to snuggle with them. Pappie is the name of one of my special stuffies. (Pappie pronounced: PUP- PEE.)

To me, home is where my food and milk is. I never waste the food and I eat enough. Whenever I drink milk, I ask for more. It is my favourite drink in the world!

To me, home is where all my memories are.