Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What home means to me

What home means to me is, when you get home you get greeted by your pet(s), or when you get home you go run and tell a or multiple family members about your day.

My house is my home but your house doesn’t have to be your home as in your city maybe your country could be your home maybe even your car. It’s not about the walls around you that make it your home, it’s the memories that make it your home, it’s the people that make it your home, if it’s only you in your home, amazing you are the person that can make memories in this home.

There are around 1.6 billion people who have lost their homes due to complications as in they can’t pay rent or weather something like floods or hurricanes in the United states hurricane Katrina has destroyed over 850,000 houses.

Some people don’t have any houses and that’s why I’m happy because i know this will contribute 10 dollars to Habitat for Humanity so maybe try writing an essay or maybe try a poem. I feel pretty bad seeing people without houses to go to in the night and come from in the morning when you either go to school or work

Home is where I live, I hope everyone will at least have a home like mine once in their lives.
That is what home means to me.