Grade 5

Nova Scotia

What Home Means to Me

Thinking of home makes me think of water and food.
Thinking of home puts me in such a great mood.
Home is my favorite place to relax.
When I think of home I’m so excited to get back.

Being at home is my favourite time of the day.
When I see my family I yell, “Yay! Yay! Yay!”
I am so happy to have a roof over me.
But a lot of people can’t see what I see!

I am so grateful for what I have.
For what I have I’m so glad!
At my home I’m so loved.
Love that feels like it comes from above!

I love my family and house so much that I can’t explain.
But some people who don’t have what I have are in so much pain!
I am so grateful for what I possess.
But am I sad for other people? Yes!

When it rains I’m so comfy with my bed and blankets.
But people who don’t have a home will be wet and soaked.
I’m so entertained with my books and toys.
But some people who can’t afford it have nothing for the girls and boys.
I’m so happy with my two pets.
But some people don’t have a home
Will be so sad! This is why I love my home!