Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me. Home to me is where we love one another. We share our memories are dreams are company. What I smell at home. I smell cooking from my mom’s beautiful dinners. I smell scent candles. What I feel at home. I feel loved. Same what they feel about me. I feel my cute loved and free dogs. I feel my hockey stick when I am having a blast on the ice because that’s what it’s all about. What I cherish. I cherish my animals I cherish my love with my family because the love will never end. What I hear at home. I hear laughing love. I sometimes hear fighting but after a few minutes we hug play and laugh again. That is how it always will be. What I see everyone smiling and laughing while opening presents on Christmas. I see friends hanging out at the park. So even if friends or family move away or pass away, we will still be together in our hearts. So that is what home me. The love, the animals, the fighting, the cooking, the smell, the sound, it’s all part of our homes.