Grade 6

salmon arm
British Columbia

what home means to me

A home is a place of comfort,

it´s a safe place to stay.

At home I build forts,

the kids of the neighborhood play.

Home is a place to be yourself,

it’s somewhere to get personal space.

You can be whatever you want, even an elf,

you can imagine that you´re in outer space.

Home is where the heart belongs,

the roads to get there might be long.

But in the end you will get there

and when your there you will know where.

Some people don’t have a home,

all alone they roam.

Asking for help

but on the inside, they yelp.

When your home you know people care

even about your favorite stuffed bear.

Sometimes they’ll bake your favorite treat

or your favorite meal, even with meat

At home nobody will judge your art

even if it’s bad and looks like at cart.

They won’t judge your crafts

even if they look like rafts

At home you might cry,

but it´s okay.

Especially if you had to say goodbye,

but you’ll find happiness anyways.