Grade 6

British Columbia

what home means to me

What home means to me
When I walk home, I open the door and feel the smooth fresh air and laughter with smiling it is my happy place. A home is not just four walls and a roof it is a place for laughter and happiness with family and loved ones. Home is a place to feel safe I wish for everyone to have that feeling of joy as they cut their knee and their mom or dad is here to help. Them or the first time your ride your bike outside your house and your family cheers you on that is what a home is not just my walls because behind them is a fridge with fresh water and tasty food and my siblings and parents most kids refuse to eat their vegetables when half the kids in this world would do anything for one bite and I refuse to eat my food because it does not taste right? That is what home means to me. People need to respect what we get because not everyone can afford, we are lucky to even be in school so respect what we get. To have this much allowance we should be happy with joyful laughs. That’s what home means to me to be joyful respect loving caring and happiness.