Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
Home is way more than a place to keep you warm when it is cold or hide you from the storms, it is a place where you always feel welcomed and loved. Home is special to me because when I am having a terrible day, I always have a wonderful place to settle my thoughts and think. My home is not just a destination it a place that is in my heart and always will be. When I am hurt, I have nice place to rest and heal. When my cat had to get put down, I was very sad, but when I came home from the vet, I had my home to comfort me and be there. My home is more than just a place with pillows and blankets is a place where I have lived, and had amazing memories, where family and friends can stay. I feel warm and welcomed and hidden when I turn the key to get into my house, I feel a sweet embrace of love. My home is a place where I have had so many great and hilarious moments that I will never forget, if I did not have a nice comforting home to live, I would be lost and sad, that is what home means to me.