Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

What Home Means to Me
Home is where family or close friends are placed, to share jokes, love and have embrace. Houses are made with four walls and a roof. Home is made with love and is bulletproof. Houses can be moved or replaced, home is something that stays in it place and has few mistakes. Homes have more things that you could imagine, a family who will always be there for you when the time is tough, a pet that will have fun and play rough. What home means to me is baking treats, for everyone to eat. Opening the door and seeing the floor. It reminds me of the happy times, home has lots of love and makes you feel safe. When I come home, I see faces. The ones that had helped, that had sacrificed many things just for me. Walking home is like walking into a wonder land When I come home, I see a dog, wagging his tail. So hard it leads a trail, a trail, to hope wishes and glee I may never want to leave. I love my home; this is what home means to me.