Grade 5


What Home Means to Me

What home means to me

Home is everything to me it is me, my family, friends, and pets. There is mom, dad, me, and Nev, as family. And for pets there is Boomer, Triger, Tucker, Smokey, Whiskers, Elle, and Pag. We are very lucky and if you are too you should be thankful just like my family is. And why should we be thankful???? Because some other families are very, very, poor and live on the streets cold and sick and can’t afford food to eat and get very sick. So that’s why we should be thankful. Because we can eat, we can sleep on a bed and have money so now when you go to mom or dad and say “‘I’m hungry”; think of the other families that say that when they don’t have a crumb to eat. So, now with that being said, let’s help out and donate to the poor.