Grade 4


What home means to me😊!!

What home means to me😊!!

I love my home! I love walking in to my home and hearing my family talking and the fire crackling. I love going on bike rides with my family in the summer. I love going outside of my home with my family and stepping outside to the warm sun and the hot grass on my feet. Nothing could compare to planting flowers in my back yard outside of my home with family. Taking long walks with family and friends in the park. Nothing could compare to spending time with my cats at my farm. Most people would think that a farm doesn’t feel like home but to me it’s like a second home because I love it there. Home is were my silly side shows.

#Nothing could compare to my home!!!

My home is most important 🙃!!

Home is most important because it keeps me warm on cold nights. Home is most important to me because it is where I spend time with family. Home is where I show my feelings more.😋!!