Grade 6


What Home Means To Me

A home, to me, means that it is not the walls of a house that makes a family, it’s the people inside. It means helping my parent’s more often and being kinder to the people that surround me. Wherever you go as family it will feel like home because you are there together. My family is my home. I belong here. Even if sometimes I forget to show kindness, my family still loves me. When at home, skin color or how small you are doesn’t matter. You’re just you, and your family loves you. My Dad is the one who provides for us, my Mom keeps the house in order, my older sister works, and my brother goes to high school and also has a job. My younger sister and I go to school, too. Even though we all have places to be, we’re still at home because we have the thought of family at heart. So remember, sometimes it’s simply two eyes, and a heartbeat that makes a home.