Grade 5

British Columbia

What home means to me

I have a great life! I have a family, friends, and I feel very safe and healthy. But what is a home? But what’s my home? It’s a place where you can be respected, loved, and feel appreciated, and spend time with your friends and family. A home can be anywhere In the WORLD! Even animals have homes with their family.

I am so grateful. I have a comfortable bed, a warm house, fresh water, food, and most of all, a roof over my head. Some people don’t have houses sadly, some people have to live on the streets… sometimes when I’m driving somewhere I see homeless people with a sign that says “ Please donate food for me, I have no food or money”. Me and my mom have given food to some homeless people sometimes. It’s also sad because some homeless people have no jackets, just imagine in the winter time! I would be freezing! Habitat for Humanity is such a good idea. People donate money so they can build houses for the homeless people who are in need.

Everyone should be able to have a home. It’s so unfair to people who don’t have a home and need one for their family. 5% in Canada don’t have a home. It’s so sad, A home is a big part of your life. And there’s many ways to decorate your home, some people decorate their home aesthetic, some do modern, some people do boho. There’s many different ways to decorate your home. Your home is where you can learn, spend time with your family or friends, spend time with your siblings.