Grade 6

New Brunswick

What home means to me.

Home means a nice warm fire place to Me
Keep my house warm.Home can be a
place to stay somewhere that is always
bright even if you’re scared at night .Home
is a place were I feel safe.Home is a place
were I’m protected from bad weather and bad
People.Home is a place were I can play a home to
me when you come home that there are dogs
waiting patiently for you

Everyone deserves a home were they can call their own.
Is makes me sad when I see people on the streets all
alone and sad cold and wet .Just take some time to
think about the people that are on the streets.

My home has walls and a floor and people that don’t
have a home they have outside a corner a cold floor.
When I have a nice blanket and a amazing pillow and
a good mattress but people with no home have a little
bit of money so they can’t buy nice stuff.