Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

What home means to me!
What home means to me is that you have a place to do whatever you feel like,
To go dance when and were you would like and as weird as you could,to frolic and make really weird noises.this is what you can do with no judgement which feels great.

I love to just relax and eat some chips watch a movie or read a book in my home and i would never get to do that if i didn’t have a home to sit in and relax.when i think of home i don’t just think of a house no i think of a place with my loved ones and loved thing as in my toys or my books my mom and dad my brother and pet’s.

As fun as it seems to be alone and have a nice time doesn’t it feel weird being alone you want to probably have somebody to dance with if you don’t have a friend to just go dance with then you might not want to dance at all and if you don’t dance then you might be missing out on something.

One of the most comforting feeling of all is having trust,love or harmony.If you move it doesn’t matter i’m going to refer to what i said later when i think of a home i think of a place were my loved ones and loved items are and if you agree with this subject then you would know that moving isn’t a problem because you can always have you items and loved ones as long as you love them.