Grade 5

British Columbia

What home means to me

To me, home is a beautiful and comfortable place to live in. It is also a warm place to live in.

It is heartbreaking that some people don’t have a home. I like helping people, even people that have homes. When I see someone without a home I feel very sad. It is very emotional to me. I wish that everybody could have a home, but it is how life is sadly.

I live in an apartment and my parents are having a hard time to get a builder for my house but some day my house will be built and my family will move in and live in peace…but not today. Maybe next year.

This year people are losing their jobs and their houses and some are sick and some are dying. We need Habitat For Humanity for people without homes. I hope you can help people without homes so they don’t have to live on the streets and can live in a home!!!