Grade 6

bay roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

what home means to me

A home means to me a place where i feel safe. Where i am warm comfortable its not just four walls and a roof its a house that makes you safe. Its something that is surounding you with happieness not sadness. you have beds tv somethng that makes your childhood have magicful memories funny memories. A house is for love shelter a house is a great thing to have to sleep in. You can have magic times partys in your house. Home is a great place to be when its cold you will have heat . Home is everything you need it has everything. If your sick you have a house and a bed to be in .Home means to me a love able house a lucky house .Home means alot to people . Its not just a house its your home its not just something you can put for sale and never care about its something we should love and take care of.That is what a home means to me .