Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means To Me

What Home Means to me

Home to me means comfort and family. I always feel filled with love and always feel safe with the others in my home. When I hear someone say “home” it fills my insides with warmth and comfy thoughts. Home is a place where you can express your true feelings and not have to worry about what others think. Sometimes storm clouds float above us when we fight, but the sun always shines when we make-up. No matter where my family is or what house we live in home is just as important.
In my home we share important times with each other. Many memories are made through the years when my family lives in our special home. These important memories stay with us forever. Every time I get hurt or feel sad the only place, I want to go is home to see the faces of my family. We spend time together, play and enjoy each other’s company. Home is the most amazing and special place to be and enjoy with loved ones.
Many people all over the community do not have a safe and comfy house to call their own. The thing about home is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better when you return. All the people who do not have a home cannot leave and return like me and you can. Helping people to have an opportunity to have a home is a great thing that everyone should be doing all the time. Everyone should be able to own a special home to share with their family.