Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home to me is dinner on the table with dessert on the way
And a warm blanket with a soft pillow and a comfy
Bed and when I’m going up to sleep and see the little boy across the street I hope he has a special place to sleep I am lucky to have a mom
To kiss me goodnight and a dad to hug me tight
And animals to cuddle me when I’m sad. In the morning I look at the clock i realize it’s
Time to help Habitat for Humanity.

Forever I thought that everyone had a home but
One day I thought there are so many people but only half have homes
Renting is an adults nightmare while kids just sit there

Having thought on how to make the parents feel better
Up in the sky where the sun glows
Man oh man who wants to help
And give thousands of people homes
No one wants to rent people want a home they can call theirs
I know I don’t want to rent but we can give lots of people homes and
That all starts with