Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

Home can come and go.

Its where people know they can go slow.

In My home I glow.

But know you can always go slow.

It’s where I shall live and cry.

In the darkness below.

I’m like a baby star in the void below.

I always know love is in my sweet home.

It shall never grow old.

In my home.

It’s where peace lives on its own.

It lives in my home.

I live in the void below.

But my home glows with me, on its own.

My home never goes dark as it still has life.

Whilst I’m still alive it glows more than me.

It shall never grow old.

I can eat with harmony whilst I have a home.

It protects me for the void and darkness below.

I shall live another since I have a home.

I shall never grow old while I live in my home.