Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

What really is a home? Some people might think that home is just a place where you live; where you eat, sleep, and play. But to me, home is much more than that. Home is Canada: A beautiful northern country marked by plains and Rockies, and filled with diverse friendly faces.
I am very grateful to be living in such an accepting country. I can tell just by looking at the students in my classroom or the people on the streets, that there is so much multiculturalism here in Canada. No matter what ethnicity, race, or gender you express, you are considered equivalent to everyone else. I am also very grateful for our representative democracy. The government listens to us and lets us make choices. I feel like my opinion matters and that I have a say in the future of this country.
Canada is where you can hear laughter at the park after the sun sets because it is safe for children to play outside. I feel protected here in Canada. It’s very safe here. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects us all and allows us to live a fair life. Racism, hate, and similar negativities are not tolerated. We have freedom of speech, religion, attire, and more. Canada is where I can eat foods from all over the world, where I can experience the culture of my grandparents and even my friends’ grandparents! Canada’s wide range of weathers allows me to smell flowers in the summer and go sledding in the winter. Being Canadian allows me to experience all parts of the world.
So although some people in other countries might think that Canada is represented by freezing cold winters and polar bears and igloos, to me, it’s simply home.