Grade 4


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

My home is special, a place I can call my own.
It’s a place where I can enjoy myself and play.
It looks like my home is lifeless with nothing inside it, but my home is full of emotion and life.
My home may seem like it is nothing more than bricks and wood but it’s much more, it’s somewhere that I can express my feelings, where my loved ones are.
Everything inside my home is cherished and treasured – even the tiniest of things.
I have a fire to warm me and my family to play with me.
The foundation of my home is sturdy and strong even when the wind blows it stays grounded, protecting me.

My house is beautiful and unique, a place where I store all of my memories.
It is a place I can stay and wash all of my worries away.
My home is the most important thing to me, a place that I share with my family.
A place where I can leave the sadness behind and arise with new feelings.
Sometimes when I am shrouded in anger I go to my home to let it all out.
My home is amazing, a place to reside and sleep, while also being a place to have lots of fun.

Sadly, not everyone has a home, some people are stranded in the freezing cold.
That is why I’m writing this poem, to help those people who don’t have a place that is their own.
Everyone deserves a home, somewhere they can love, live, and laugh.
A place that shelters them and protects them from the cold.
I hope this small contribution helps someone build a sturdy home like mine.
Home is everything.