Grade 6


what home means to me

Especially in these difficult times buildings collapsing and COVID arriving, everyone needs a home.

Somewhere where they love and are loved,
where they can live without being discriminated because of their race or their culture.

To me, home is a place I can get excited to come home to every night, where I know my mom will be waiting to give me a hug and a kiss, and I know that my dad will be home shortly there after.

To me, home is a place with warmth and love, where family and friends come together, where I have food and water that I don’t have to question if it is safe or not,
and where I have money to pay for all this stuff.

The sad part is that not all people have this opportunity.
We really don’t think about anything like this on a regular day, If you asked any child who has a house to keep them warm if they ever thought about this problem they would probably say no.

Today I enter this contest to give $10 to people big and small who don’t have the privilege that I have and hopefully I can teach people a bit about why they need to donate to this charity.