Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

What home means to me

What Home Means To Me!

Home is where I hear my family’s voices.
Home is where I learn to make good choices.
At home my family always makes me feel secure.
Being with family is the perfect cure.

Whenever I walk into my home,
it’s never too loud, it’s always the perfect tone.
Home is where I like to play.
Where I’m sad when I have to be away.

Home is where my mom will make me cookies.
Where I will get help with my responsibilities.
Home is where you will enjoy living.
At home everyone is forgiving.

Home is where I play with my dog.
Home is where I look outside and see the fog.
Home is where I eat and sleep.
Where I feel most comfortable to fall asleep.

Nobody should have to live life scared.
It’s not fair, everyone should care.

Home is where you make things certain.
Home is where you become a better person.