Grade 5


What Home Means to me

To me, My home is where I feel safe. My home is so important that I will never ever forget all my memories. Every time I come back from school I see smiling faces greeting me. home is somewhere I can relax by watching with by brother cuddled in a blanket.

My home gives me so many memories but the most special memory was when it was the night I was there with my mom, my brother, and also my dad. We were in our sunroom, me and my brother were on the swing, and after a bit I called my parents and told them to see the beautiful stars, they came over to look after and we watched the stars together for a few minutes, and after that we started talking and spent family time together. I could Not believe how hard it would be without a home. One time I once had this cold experience so I was just walking home from school, when I started to open to the door but the door it wouldn’t open so I rang the doorbell,but my dad said the door was open but it wouldn’t budge so my dad told me to wait and I had to wait for about 7 minutes in the freezing cold which made me sad because lots of people have no home to live in. But After all of that tragedy, my dad finally opened the door!!! it felt like hours, and I was so relieved when my dad opened the door,
Because I thought that nobody will be able to get into my home, it wouldn’t be home without…my parents! They do everything for me for example my parents raise me, feed me take care of me and will always love me and I will always love my parents too. I also love my little brother even though he annoys me 24/7.