Grade 6

British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

“Home” is a very ambiguous word. It may refer to a person’s house or where one lives. I see it all the time in books, when a character says, “Let’s go home,” and the main character reflects on what home means to them. To me, home represents my house and my family. Sometimes it means my relatives and friends, or wherever I’m staying other than my actual house. The difference between ‘house’ and ‘home’ is that a house is a building in which one resides; whereas a home is where your heart is. A home gives a sense of belonging and freedom; whereas a house is a physical place. Home is often associated with family, and family with love. Even if you go anywhere in the world, you still long for your home. This was the case for me, even when I went to Japan; I longed to go back to the hotel, and on the plane back, to Canada. For almost everyone, home means family, comfort, peace and safety. Home is the start of everything–like how a thousand steps starts with one. It’s the start, and the endpoint.