Grade 5


What Home Means To Me

What Home Means To Me

Home is a place where you live,
Where you receive and give,
You can make albums or stories,
Full of wonderful memories.
Home is where you belong.
where you get along.
In a home, you can have fun,
stay indoors or play in the sun,
You can invite your friends
Where the fun never ends
You can make up a song
Where everyone can play and sing along
You can go outside and play
Play, play, and play all day!

I wish everyone had a home
And no one was alone
I’m not writing this just for the prize
I’m writing this to help give a home to those guys
I hope I win first place
Because it would put a smile on my face
The streets those people roam
Because they have no home.

Habitats For Humanity, thank you for making homes for those who don’t have homes.