Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

What Home Means to Me

Home is feeling safe on a dark stormy night
Home is feeling forgiven after a big fight
Home is having a kind family to stay with
Home is not a huge myth
Home is a place with food
Home is a place that is good
Home is a place that is bold
Home is a place that should be told
Home is a place to sleep
Even if it doesn’t have a robot that goes beep
Home can be anywhere
Home shouldn’t be rare
Home can be a little den or a huge mansion
Home could get a big expansion
Home is a place everyone should have
A home could be split in half
Home should be comfortable
Home should be affordable
Home should be warm
Home could get a transform
Home may have pets
You may get some jets
Home shouldn’t be a cardboard box
Home should have locks
Home may have a hobby
You may get a friend named Bobby
Home is a place with entertainment
Home is a place with a lot of amazement
Home has furniture
Home could be a amazing adventure
Home should have friends
Home is a place we should defend
Home should be warm or cold
A home will be sold
There is no science behind a home
A house could even be in Rome
Home is a place that can impact others
You may even have some brothers
You will be the owner
And homelessness should be over