Grade 6


What Home Means to Me

Hi, my name is Gabrielle. Today I am going be telling you about what home means to me. Home means family, pets and being safe/shelter.

Family is one of the most important thigs that makes a home because they can care for you and you can care for them. I love playing games with my family and just having time with them. I also love being able to talk with them at dinner.

Pets are also something that makes a home. I have three dogs; I love to play with them. My smallest dog sleeps at my feet on my bed. They also make me feel safe wherever I am.

Speaking of being safe, another thing that makes me feel safe is my family oh and having a shelter makes me feel safe too. A shelter is a place that can make you feel safe in different kinds of ways like having a lock on your door or just having some where to go.

Home means a lot of things to me. Home means pets, family and being safe/shelter. If I didn’t have a

house but I had the things that makes a home I would be fine. What does home mean to you? Thank you.